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Behind the Scenes at the EDC, the Parts are Moving on Many Layers

Behind the scenes. In the realm of economic development, that’s where much of the action takes place.   Before the first spade of dirt is turned for a new restaurant or retail plaza, before the adult-size Erector Set first appears with engines roaring to set steel beams for a new warehouse or manufacturing plant, you […]


It’s said that the tempest called Irma could’ve been worse. True. The hurricane that roared northward through Polk County late in the night on Sept. 10 and very early in the morning on Sept. 11 could’ve been a Category 3, 4, or 5 monster instead of only the Category 2 storm that had weakened after […]

Economic Development Greatly Enhanced by Great Preparation

If you’ve heard it said once, you’ve heard it said a dozen times or more: The secret to success — or the key to success — in (“XYZ”) is in the planning and preparation.   You can replace the “XYZ” in this morsel of wisdom with all kinds of endeavors. It’s true when exam time […]

Chamber Pleased to Have a Role in Development of Local Leaders

Though it might cost me some gentle ribbing down the road for being “biased,” I just have to say, with all sincerity and honest evaluation, that one of the best concentrated programs for professional and personal education and enrichment locally is one sponsored right here, within the offices of the Lake Wales Area Chamber of […]

Nothing But Polished Diamonds Among Gala Award Winners

It’s a wonderful thing when a community can come together to shine the light on the people and organizations that help to make it tick — that help to make it thrive and prosper, to make it go and grow A whole lot of “wonderful” happened in mid-May when the Lake Wales Area Chamber of […]


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