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In The Grand Venue of RECon 2018, Fresh Seeds For New Lake Wales Development Were Planted

Here in the offices of the Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council, a lot a great things happen for the benefit of area visitors and potential visitors, and for the good of the local business community and general economy. Supported by the city, local businesses, our generous investor-partners, and many individuals, […]

The Sky’s The Limit For Potential Of A Redeveloped LW Airport

A city actively pursuing economic development, as Lake Wales is doing through the Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council, is greatly helped in that pursuit when its assets include a municipal airport. The value of that asset for economic development is multiplied many times over when the airport is modern, attractive, […]

Innovation Is Key In These Quickly Changing Retail Times

“The changing face of U.S. retail …” You’ve probably seen, in print or online, news headlines like the one above. They go back a couple of years — perhaps further back than that in some regions of the country. This isn’t misleading, It’s real. U.S. retail is changing. Anyone who can be counted among American […]

Good Things Here And Nearby Combine For A Top-10 Lake Wales Sales Tool

Greater Lake Wales is unique for business, it’s good for business, it’s welcoming for business, and it’s very much open for business. Given that positive environment for potential new companies and commerce, it’s considerably easy to put together a top-10 list of reasons why all of this is true. The items in the following package […]

Commercial Property Redevelopment And Re-Use Has Tremendous Upsides

Economic development — the concerted and coordinated effort to bring more businesses, industry, jobs, commerce and even vitality to a community or region — can happen in many ways.   When the phrase “economic development” comes up in casual conversation, often the first thought folks have is that of a large out-of-the area company announcing […]


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