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1919Lake Wales Area Resident and Visitor Guide THE SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY In and around 1923 Mr. Norman H. Bunting worked as a bookkeeper and spent his nights studying accounting. In 1926 after receiving his CPA license Mr. Bunting decided to go into business for himself as N. H. Bunting Co. Over time Mr. Bunting became a prominent gure in Lake Wales and his tiny business quickly became successful. Roughly 30 years later Carl Tripp and H. A. Ingley Jr. both employees of the rm were admitted as partners and formed what has been known to this day as Bunting Tripp Ingley Certied Public Accountants. Throughout the better half of the twentieth century and on through today our community has seen periods of decline and ones of signicant growth. Whatever the circumstances the spirit of community never faded. Everyone helping each other focused on one goal - to create a better life for the people of Lake Wales. We at Bunting Tripp Ingley believe that this same spirit of community is very much alive today. The spirit of community is what built our rm. Thanks for trusting in us Since 1926 E S T D IN G L E Y . C P A F I R M .PU B L I C A C C O U N T A N T S . C E R T I F I ED B U N T I N G T R IP P 1 9 2 6 BT I BuntingTrippIngleyLLP CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS . BTICPA.COM Scenic Highway to the SR 60 corridor. New commercial development continues to locate near the Eagle Ridge Mall at the north end of Lake Wales along U.S. Highway about 15 minutes from the popular LEGOLAND theme park. The City of Lake Wales works closely with the Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council to maintain a business friendly environment to encourage additional area growth.