City of Lake Wales Development Standards Resolution

  • Roadway Standards   PDF
  • Directional Bore Standards   PDF
  • Water System Standards   PDF
  • Water Notes   PDF   CAD
  • Water Details   PDF   CAD
  • Water Meter Location & Encasement Details   PDF   CAD
  • Fire Line System Details   PDF   CAD
  • Water Supply Line & Hydrant Detail   PDF   CAD
  • Wastewater Collection and Transmission Standards   PDF
  • Wastewater Details   PDF   CAD
  • Wastewater Pumping Stations   PDF
  • Wastewater Lift Station Details   PDF   CAD
  • Wastewater Lift Station DFS Antenna Details   PDF   CAD
  • Wastewater Lift Station Control Panel Details   PDF   CAD
  • Wastewater Lift Station Electrical Details   PDF   CAD
  • Wastewater Lift Station DFS TAC PACK TCU   PDF   CAD
  • Wastewater Sanitary Sewer Details   PDF   CAD
  • Reuse Details   PDF   CAD
  • Reuse System Specifications   PDF   CAD
  • Approved Sanitary Materials List   PDF
  • Approved Water Materials List   PDF

City of Lake Wales Planning and Zoning

  • Land Use  Link
  • Land Use Regulations   Link
  • Future Land Use Map   Link
  • 2015 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use  PDF
  • 2035 Comprehensive Plan   Link
  • Zoning Map   Link
  • Concurrency   PDF
  • Impact Fee Schedule   PDF
  • Notices   Link
  • Application Forms   Link
  • Application Fees   PDF
  • Board of Appeals Meeting Agenda and Minutes   Agenda  Minutes
  • Planning and Zoning Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes   Agenda  Minutes
  • Historic District Registry Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes   Agenda  Minutes
  • Planning and Zoning Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes   Agenda  Minutes

City of Lake Wales Building Permits and Inspections

  • Permits and Inspection Fees  PDF
  • Forms and Checklists   Link
    • Building Permit Application  PDF
    • Construction Permit Application Supplemental  PDF
    • Home Owner’s Affidavit  PDF
    • Request for Power Release Prior to CO  PDF
    • License Bond  PDF
    • Demolition Service Order  PDF
    • Notice of Commencement  PDF
    • Permit POA  PDF
    • Requirements for Permit Submission – SFR  PDF
    • Tent Permit Checklist & Application  PDF
    • Land Alteration Permit  PDF
    • Site Development Permit   PDF
    • Contractor’s Information Sheet  PDF
    • Requirements for Commercial Permit Submission  PDF

City of Lake Wales Utility Information

  • Water
    • About the Water System  Link
    • Reading Your Water Meter  Link
    • Checking Your Consumption  Link
    • Water Restrictions  Link
    • Water Quality Reports  Link
  • Reclamation and Reuse  Link
  • Stormwater  Link
  • Utility Billing
    • Billing & Payment Policies  Link
    • Connecting & Disconnecting Service  Link
    • Pay Bill Online/View Account= Link
    • Lifeline Program Application Packet  PDF
    • Sign Up For Paperless Billing/Direct Debit  Link
  • Utility Fees and Charges  Link
  • Application for Service  Link


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